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Thoughts from the Cottage…

Your garden has been put to been put to bed and you thought you were done. There might be some protesting but you will thank me come January! During the cold months, when the sky is gray winter containers can cheer up the soul and provide needed color and interest. So pot up a few containers and place somewhere you can see from indoors or walk by .

Welcoming wall is always a nice feature. This wire wall container is a showcase for  a mix of evergreen branches, dogwood, pinecones and plastic ornaments.

Winter Garden Projects

December 2014   

Butterflies will love your garden

Create a little interest  and color with empty bottles…colored ones work best. You can get creative and slip them on the ends of leafless branches or place a few bamboo sticks or metal poles in the ground (obliviously before the ground freezes) and place the bottles on them.

There is beauty in simplicity, containers do not have to be complicated. White pine branches in a window box are so simple yet very elegant with a fresh coat of snow.

For instant hospitality...try a no fuss pairing of spruce and holly, throw in a few pinecones and painted branches to provide a festive touch to the front entry!

Don’t forget to put out feeders for our feathered friends! Good time of year to add some suet to the mix. Ok so they aren’t containers…but the food goes in one!

Gazing Globes

Here is an easy one! This vintage wheelbarrow receives a wintry update with branches of fir, cedar,and winter berry. Don’t have a vintage one...use what you have it still looks wonderful

Don’t want to play with branches?

Put those containers to another use! Simple idea fill pot with sand and top with dried moss. Place a candle or lantern on top. Simple but elegant!

Here are 2 ideas…turn it upside down, wrap with burlap (also protects the rose bush that is hiding), add a string of light, top it with an ornament. You have just created a festive tree!

This is an easy way to do winter containers. Fake it is my motto! Insert evergreen branches and berries into a pot with or without soil. You can spray branches with an antitranspirant to help them stay fresh, but that choice is yours.

Don’t overlook branches and twigs, they can add tremendous color and texture. Here is a fun example: birch branches and twigs appear to burst out of a mound of dried hydrangea and spruce boughs

Tip: Go sophisticated with a neutral color

…this tomato cage holds a bundle of yellow twig- dogwood, dressed in  fairy lights. Dried eucalyptus covers the bottom and a variety of evergreen boughs soften the pot as they spill over the side.