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Thoughts from the Cottage…

 February 2017

January is the best time of the year, time for a fresh start, a new beginning, turning a new leaf! Who hasn’t created New Year's resolutions, New year, new you, clean up  time…right? So many thoughts run through our minds as we look forward to the new year with high hopes. Knowing we will give it our best and make it the start of what's going to be a great year! Stick with those resolutions and have a great year!

I also try to find something reason to celebrate…

… taking the Christmas decorations down, a time to clear the house and have a fresh start, maybe a new look?

…celebrate January with family and friends; what better way to use up left over bottles of wine and food, it doesn't have to be expensive - just have fun!

…my all time favorite - as each day passes we are a day nearer to the clocks going forward and summer arriving!

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Birth Month of Flowers…who knew?

Birth Month Flower

January- Carnation

What a great idea to give as a birthday gift, not to mention less expensive than buying jewelry with birth stones!  Wouldn’t you want a birthday ever month? Maybe we can add a coffee of the month to go with the flowers???

January weekend garden tasks…?

January to do list for the gsrden

Gather supplies...

Don’t know about you , but at my house no other gardening tool takes as much wear and tear as the hand pruners.  Not only do I use them for regular pruning but abuse them trying to cut branches much too big for them, confuse them for hammers and even expect them to cut twine, clip grass, weeds and sometimes cut open plastic bags…really (my all purpose too)! To keep your hand pruners in top shape, despite the abuse, you need to keep them clean, sharp and lubricated. That may sound intimidating, but hand pruners are actually very simple to clean and sharpen. So if you didn’t do this task in November, now is a great time…start the new year off sharp! If that doesn’t appeal to can take to your local hardware and let them do it!

Thank you for visiting, stay tuned for exciting changes!


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