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Thoughts from the Cottage…

Metal garden art has been around for centuries.  Look at pictures of ancient Rome and Greece, you will find statues and fountains of metal in the gardens.  Statuary has been incorporated in outdoor spaces in all periods of architectural history. Palaces and temples had opulently detailed depictions of historical and mythological figures. The Eiffel Tower (not that I want it in my backyard) is constructed from a form of wrought iron, which is a popular element the garden. Something that has endured time for so long must be a good thing. Maybe that is why it is making a comeback in today's garden.

Landscaping begins with the permanent fixtures that make up the bones of  good designs.  Permanent fixtures are anything that is difficult to reposition, usually trees but can also be fountains and works of metal art.  Fixtures can provide you with a place to sit in the shade and enjoy a glass of wine or cold beer.  Gazebos and arbors are designed to be focal points in garden settings and also a place for intimate alfresco dining.  Wrought iron furniture will liven up your garden while adding an artistic touch.  How about a wrought iron bench and table creating that perfect spot  to sit and relax.  Fountains will bring the dimension of  sound with running water, while attracting birds bringing color and song into your yard.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and so does the garden.  Garden art allows you to place what you want where you want to enhance the appeal of your home.  Find a piece that calls your name, an object that brings you pleasure.  When designing the garden it is best to know what you will be placing where.  Walk around the yard, taking different paths, look for empty spots.  A metal bell hanging from a branch to catch the evening breeze.  The metal herons that you fell in love with would look happy near the pond.  Or a copper gazing globe placed near a meandering path.  Trellises make for great room dividers or screens while supporting favorite flowering vines.  And if you are a wildlife lover there are metal bird feeders in a variety of styles.

Let your creative mind go.  It does not have to be new.  Use old items or something found at the junkyard.  Look at an item from a different perspective.  That rusty metal bucket can look great as a flower pot and bring a burst of color to a quite corner.  Metal washtubs are the perfect fountain...or planter.  Metal spoke wheels are perfect support for the climbing rose.  Anything metal in your garden that is not just functional buts adds beauty is considered metal art.

Enhancing the yard with metal  garden art!

June 2013