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Thoughts from the Cottage…

The days are shorter and just because the garden is getting ready for a winter’s nap, doesn’t mean you can’t have a burst of color.  What better way than in a container.…My choice for this year is ornamental kale, pansy, mum and thistle with a few pumpkins and gourds for good measure.

This lack-luster entrance needs some help! Time for some container gardening and arranging a few garden decorations to make an inviting entrance!

Place the container in wrought iron plant stand and you have a cheerful fall  combination - warm and inviting!

Time for Fall Container Gardening!

October 2014  

Butterflies will love your garden

Arrange potted plants in the desired container.

Leave plants in existing pots. Stuff plastic in empty space around pots so plants stay put when it gets windy.

Top off with decorative chips or moss - I used leftover orchid soil which is the perfect size.

Found the perfect size pumpkins at the farmer market!

Gazing Globes

Looking better - but not the finished look I want.

Move bench… Find a pillow and cheerful throw rug…brings  a touch of color and texture, a winning combination!

Now it is finished! Warm and inviting entrance for fall…Don’t you just want to sit on the bench with a cup of cider and watch the leaves fall?

Nope, still missing…

Quick grab an old strainer, some kale, pumpkin and an old ornament…

One sorry looking container..time for a quick make over!

One tall thistle, a few pansies and moss to cover…

Much better!

And bring in the rug for the final touch!

And one hanging basket with kale, pansy and moss… Finished with container gardens for the fall season. Let the frost come!

Coming  next month . . .
the final clean-up and getting ready for winter...yes it is coming!