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Thoughts from the Cottage…

Dogs Days of August

August  2015

August Parade…from the garden

morning glory

August begins the downhill slide into off season for many gardeners . The garden is hardier than you think and there are plenty of gardening tasks for August that will keep your flower and vegetable gardens going longer, as well as opportunities to get a head start on next year's garden.

Day Lilies

5 Tips for the August Gardener

What Are Dog Days…?

Dogs days of august

When I was young my father would speak of "the dog days of summer". I assumed that the term meant that dogs suffered from all the heat day after day. Life for an dog (or human) just is not fun on those sweltering days that seem to hit in August.

Enter Google - my curiosity did get the better of me! Was I surprised to that the term had nothing to do with animals but rather with a Star in the constellation Canis Major that is one of the brightest stars in the sky and is approximately 8.6 light-years distant from Earth. The Dog days is named after Sirius, the Dog Star. The Dog days come when the Dog Star begins to line up with our Sun . It was thought long ago that when the Dog Star aligned with the Sun that they combined their energy to make the weather even hotter. Of course, we now know that no Star would warm the earth at even the smallest fraction that the Sun does since stars are very far away.

However, the term stuck. In July & August the background of stars beyond the Sun includes the Dog Star Sirius. In July and August during a persistent heat wave, do not be surprised to hear, "darn those dog days of summer".

Words of Wisdom…

garden quotes

Gardeners have a lot of wisdom to share. Thoughts come to me during the many hours of solitude spent working in the dirt to improve the plot of ground called home. While some of the things I say should never be heard outside the garden’s perimeter (darn weeds), some words of gardening wisdom have been passed down from famous people with valuable lesson to learn! Read some inspiring quotes and sayings from famous authors that will help keep you motivated.