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Thoughts from the Cottage…

Container Gardening

October 2013

There are many great books that offer advice on preparing and selection  of plants, choosing  containers from hanging baskets to window boxes and creating various themes.  Books are a guide for anyone wishing to transform even the smallest corner with flair and confidence.  Make efficient use of your space with container gardening, where you can grow good things to eat or just look at!  Even with one container and a little planning you can have a garden for all seasons!  

I think gardening in containers is the best thing since sliced bread!  The possibilities are endless.  You can create gardens of vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers or a combination of.  How great is that!

Household containers become garden art (recyclers rejoice).  With a little ingenuity you can turn items that originally were not designed as planters but have a great potential into garden containers.  For instance:

Just one rule to follow - no matter what the material - the container must have the drainage holes.

As a container gardener ( we have our own group) you do have an easier time then the "traditional gardener".  You can make use of the smallest of space.  Smaller space means less variables to deal with.  Skip the backbreaking work of tilling and adding soil amendments to the beds.  Harvesting is easier, you can bring the pot to you!  Almost never have weeds.  Containers are mobile, regroup them into a pleasing combination and take advantage of the changing seasons.

What about the old saying "location, location location"?  Anyone with a speck of outdoor space can enjoy the therapeutic and rewarding pursuit of gardening.  Balcony or porch, deck or patio even steps are places to display year round interest.  Fill the pot with sweet smelling plants and welcome your visitors with a heavenly aroma.  It is an easy way to bring the garden closer to you.  Or a window box planted with herbs and lettuce makes easy picking for your dinner salad!.  Even in the flower beds you can integrate garden containers into the overall scheme, fill in seasonal gaps and take advantage of specialized micro-environments.  Put each container where it fits best and move it aside when it is passed its' prime.