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Thoughts from the Cottage…

Butterflies will love your garden


That’s what I do in August and eat the harvest!

Your garden is hardier than you think and there are plenty of gardening tasks for August that will keep your flower and vegetable gardens going longer, as well as opportunities to get a head start on next year's garden plans.

MAKE A PASS THROUGH THE GARDEN BED WEEKLY. Since weeds are not just unsightly but steal moisture, nutrients and light—and many may set seed shortly, meaning ongoing troubles.

GARDENS NEED AN INCH OF WATER weekly from you or the heavens. Check your rain gauge. Soak beds deeply in the root zone; don’t spritz with a sprayer like you’re washing the car.


More then hand-pulling can handle?

Try to solarize - lay down black plastic sheeting, using summer heat and sun to cook weeds to death – exciting thought! I try to say no to chemical herbicides, so there are sheets of plastic here and there, and the hoe is in action. My favorite is to smother weeds with cardboard and mulch, good for making new garden beds, too.

Don’t forget the containers, especially smallish ones in sun. They need daily attention, but don’t waste precious resources on the lawn, which will bounce back when cooler, moister days return.





Aside from tasting, weeding and watering, essential gardening tasks are at a lull. Never fear, there's always something to tend for those who are determined….like grilling!

Go easy on yourself and take advantage of the occasional cool day to work in comfort and enjoy some tasty recipes.

Sit back and enjoy all you've accomplished!

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The livin' is easy in August— at least it can be for gardeners.